March 2016

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We are planning our next editorial meeting in August (8-9) in the best setting for a discussion on magic, the Abbey of Montserrat. This will happen right after the Congress of Papyrology. We will soon report about the session on Magical papyri at the congress.


We are happy to report that the SBL series Writings of the Greco-Roman World has accepted to publish our edition in two volumes. For the series see: Our first plan is to distribute the material chronologically in two volumes, so the first volume will cover 1st cent. BCE to III-IV, and the second IV-VII.


Further matching funding obtained by members of our team in Spain:
Alberto Nodar and Raquel Martín have obtained project funding for three years for their collaboration on papyrological work, established between the Universities Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and Complutense in Madrid. This collaboration and work on Spanish papyrological collections can be followed at


Also Emilio Suárez de la Torre has obtained funding for his project specifically on the Greek Magical Papyri, based at the U. Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

September 2015

The first editorial meeting of the project TRANSMISSION OF MAGICAL KNOWLEDGE IN ANTIQUITY: THE PAPYRUS MAGICAL HANDBOOKS IN CONTEXT will take place on September 25th, 2015, at the Chicago Center in Paris. The program can be viewed here.

Raquel Martín Hernández (UCM, Madrid) has recently obtained one of the 63 research grants of the Fundación BBVA, Spain, one of the few in the category of Humanities. Her proposal focuses on the magical drawings and their relationship to the magical prescriptions, and she is going to be responsible within our team for the digital reproduction and study of the images in Magical Handbooks.